India Vision Foundation

Project status: Ongoing

Budget: €7500

Project theme: Education

Program: Children of Vulnerable Families (CVF)

Objective: Funding living expenses, schooling and after-schooling activities of 20 children whose parents are or were in prison in order to break the circle of criminality.

Partner: India Vision Foundation (IVF)

Location: New Delhi, India

Number of children: 20

Total amount 2015: Euro 7,500 (Euro 375 per child)

Children whose parents are (or have been) in prison are at higher risk of ending up in the criminal scene. This risk becomes even higher with illiteracy, lack of social security and living in slums. The counselors of this project make sure that the children go to school and get medical care. Also school fees and books are taken care of. The parents and/or family get advise and help raising their children and receive basic information regarding hygiene. 190 children are in the Children of Vulnerable Families project at this time. Since 2008 Cucu supports 20 of these 190 children. The first youngsters have finished secondary school. Two of them have been admitted to university; others go on to technical or administrative education. Tessa and Danita (Cucu boardmembers) have visited this project. They spoke to various counselors and were impressed by what had been achieved.

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