Scholarship Bushwillow Primary School

Project status: Ongoing

Budget: €2150

Project theme: Education

Partner: Bushwillow Primary School

Location: Kenton on Sea, South Africa

Number of children: 3 (cost per child €2.150)

schommelAt the beginning of 2017 Anouk Verheijen opened a new primary school in the little village Kenton on Sea (East Cape) together with five other enthusiastic parents. Bushwillow Primary School is a true community school where children from low to high income families learn and play together. The Cucu foundation has worked with Anouk before and was very excited to work together again within this new initiative a bursary fund for scholars whose parents or caretakers can’t afford the school fees.


The school curriculum is tailored to each child’s learning style and needs and focuses on growing their critical thinking, self-initiative, problem solving and creativity. These skills are very important to further tackle the high levels of inequality in South Africa and to increase the global competitiveness of the country.

The current performance of South African’s educational system is unsatisfactory; In grade 4 (age 10) a third of all pupils being illiterate in any language, while more than 50 % of high school learners do not surpass primary school maths levels. Weak learning of students in their first years of primary school has resulted in high drop-out rates, with almost 50% of 18 year olds not obtaining their matric.

To turn around this situation, there is a need for a paradigm shift. The current educational system is teacher centred, values root learning and does not promote critical thinking and problem solving through its authoritarian and uniform style of learning. Instead, there is a need for innovative education that is child-centred, focused on learning through play and discovery and accessible to all children. Bushwillow Primary School is one of the many other schools in South Africa leading this paradigm shift.

For more information on Bushwillow Primary School or on how to donate to the Bushwillow Scholarship fund, please contact us at or e-mail Anouk Verheijen directly at

For an impression of the school please have a look at this video (2017, in English).