Summer Camp

Project status: Ongoing

Budget: €1500

Project theme: Sports, Games, Culture & Development

Program: Summer Camp

Objective:Improve the quality of life of disabled children by organizing a yearly summer camp in the Karpaten area.

Partner: Henri Nouwen Foundation

Location: Zaluchchya, Ukraine

Number of children: 37

Total amount per child: € 40

In 2015 Cucu sponsored a summer camp in the Ukraine for the seventh time. This project is an initiative of students and volunteers and is organized by the Henri Nouwen Foundation. In 2015, fifteen volunteers organized the summer camp. They realized a five-day holiday in the Karpaten area for thirty-seven disabled children from an orphanage in Zaluchchya, Ukraine. Every year it is quite an experience for the orphans. They go to the mountains, for some of them for the first time in their lives, and enjoy fresh air. By singing, playing, dancing and painting they were stimulated to open up. Not only the children learn new things, the volunteers also develop their skills and take active responsibility for these children. Every year, the camp is evaluated at the end. The volunteers as well as the caretakers thought the children were happier and more active after their stay at the summer camp.

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