A Safe Play Area

Project status: Completed

Budget: €1315

Project theme: Sports, Games, Culture & Development

Partner:  Hotel con Corazón

Location: Laguna, Nicaragua, Central America

Number of children: 300

Total amount per child: € 4,40

Hotel con Corazón is a foundation in Nicaragua. This foundation helps children successfully complete their primary school and encourages children to continue on to secondary school. Currently, the foundation is active in two schools in Laguna, the countryside near Granada. When the foundation started here, there were just a few walls, a leaking roof, chairs and some learning materials. Right now the foundation offers a tutorial program for 50 children a day. Within this program the children receive tutoring after school hours: 1 hour of reading and writing and 1 hour of creative lessons. Once a week the children play soccer with real soccer coaches. The foundation aims to get 300 children into primary school who are currently not attending school.

With the aid of Cucu foundation, the school was repainted and the locks of the windows and doors were replaced. This made the school a safer and happier place, that children enjoy attending. Part of the sponsoring was provided by the company New2You and part  of it was provided by after school daycare BSO de Theepot in Hillegom, the Netherlands. In 2010 Cucu also helped renovate the play area and provided two soccer goals.

For more information on this project please contact the Cucu foundation at info@cucu4children.nl