Cucu Grant

Cucu Grant

Apply for a Cucu grant now! Joost Thus recently got a Cucu grant. He spent this money on a beautiful and successful art & culture project in Sri Lanka.

“At the beginning of May I arrived in Sri Lanka for the fifth time. Last year, in 2012, I made a performance on behalf of SrilanCare Foundation with the orphans. In 2008, 2009 and 2010 I visited the children and their orphanages for renovation work and small social projects. The big success of the performance that we made in 2012 enticed me to a new challenge.

During May and June this year I made a theatre, dance and music performance together with my Sri Lankan cooperative partner. Seventy orphans from Anuradhapura, a city in the north of Sri Lanka, got two to six hours lessons from experienced teachers. During these weeks you noticed a clear development in the children: from having little initiative and a timid attitude to children full of confidence.

Together with four teachers, 20 boys and 50 girls we made a two-hour performance. This was shown at a large cultural festival with 150,000 visitors. The audience suddenly saw the children from a different perspective. This is very important as orphans in Sri Lanka are marginalized on a big scale.

The whole project has been executed Sri Lankan style. Teachers got the freedom to use their skills any way they liked. This resulted in a performance that found breeding ground with the audience in all aspects. Especially people in politics appeared to be very impressed by our performance. By means of this project, we have raised awareness with politicians for orphans.

Salaries of drama, music and dance teachers were paid with the Cucu grant. Together with the children they provided a beautiful performance and they gave orphans of Sri Lanka a face. And a future! “